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September 7, 2018

I love a good independent brand. So earlier this year when I stumbled upon Stigma Activewear, I literally couldn’t wait to lose enough weight to justify buying new workout gear. It’s hard to run when your leggings are exposing your very sweaty undies to the rest of the fitness center. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors.

Since then, I’ve been pretty dedicated to their brand (they even made me a brand ambassador). So it’ll come as no surprise to you that when they launched the pre-order for their new, limited run sports bra, I had to snap it up.

Stigma Activewear Limited Run Sports Bra photo by Lo Oliver

First Impressions

It felt like I waited forever for that shipping notification so I was practically salivating by the time I got it. It looked so pretty online. Upon opening the package, I felt a little deflated. The material and construction are incredible, but I felt a little self conscious at the padding and all the mesh. It had a lot more padding than I was expecting.

I also was concerned that it was going to actually hold my breasts in place. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to be snug because it’s got a bit of a loose stretch to it.

My final concern set in a little late, and it probably should have been something I thought…

August 30, 2018

After losing over 40 pounds over the last year and change, I was in desperate need of an entirely new wardrobe. My closet was a shell of its former self as I had to give most of my clothes away. No point in keeping things that I don’t plan on wearing again. And if I do plan on wearing them again, I hope that it’s far enough in the future that it would all look very, very dated.

I love wearing clothes that are on trend. I love wearing new clothes. I love rotating my wardrobe for different seasons. I also like maintaining the comfortable cushion in my bank account and the thought of having to drop several hundred, if not thousands, on new clothes. I’m cheap, ok. I know it. It partly stems from having been so poor for so long that I’m still getting used to the idea that I can afford these things. That I deserve to have clothes that fit and aren’t torn.

Once I got over the whole spending money thing, I had to rethink where I wanted to shop for my clothes. My go-to places used to be fast fashion spots like forever 21, and H&M, and the like. Even though I really love the look of the clothes at stores like that (and, let’s be honest the price), the quality is terrible. Good luck…

August 23, 2018

The end of May and the entire month of June were pretty rough for me. I unknowingly sprained my ankle by stepping off a sidewalk curb the wrong way and then further worsened the injury when my cousin challenged me to do the Manitou Springs Incline with her.

My sprain caused me no pain. It just felt like it needed to crack or something. That’s why I didn’t think much about doing 2000 vertical feet over .9 miles with a 3 or so mile hike back down the other side of the hill. It wasn’t until later that night when my right foot was almost twice the size of my left that I realized I had probably injured myself.

"Ok, I guess I’m taking some time off," I thought.

A week went by and the swelling had gone down considerably. Still, no pain so I thought, I’m probably ok to do some light walking around. A friend came in from out of town and we headed over to the Garden of the Gods to walk around for a bit. Big mistake. My ankle was so swollen when I got home that evening.

At this point, I’m kind of panicking. My brother and his family were coming to visit the following week and I had so many fun things planned. I wanted to go hiking. I wanted to take my nephew to see some dinosaur fossils…

May 23, 2018

In a previous blog post, I wrote that I wouldn’t share my specific diet or workout routine that I “followed” to lose 40 pounds and get healthy. I’m still not going to do that. However, I will share some of the tools that helped me stay focused on my goals, and track my progress.

First, let’s talk about the apps that I love for the actual workouts. I have three apps I use in regular rotation: MotionTraxx, Nike Training Club, and Yoga Studio.


MotionTraxx is my absolute favorite training app for the treadmill and elliptical (there are also workouts for bikes, too, but my legs are too short for the one in my fitness center). The workouts are separated by time (20, 40, or 60 minutes), and feature a recorded guided workout with a great soundtrack. This app, and even more specifically Amy Dixon’s workouts, were the reason I was able to keep going to the gym.

The downside is that after a year of being a subscriber, they didn’t add any new workouts. I did the same workouts for most of the year before I started getting bored with them. It was worth it (also, check Groupon for a deal on a year subscription if you decide to buy).

Nike Training Club

This app was essential over the…

April 12, 2018

When I began my fitness and health journey, I never expected that my friends (real and online) and family would look to me to lend advice. Yet, it happened. And at first I was like, “holy shit, this is so cool.” And then the anxiety set in, and I think rightfully so. Because what the fuck do I know?

For most of my life, I only ate a literal handful of items. Cheese pizza, Kraft mac and cheese, Scrambled eggs with ketchup, Cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly or Fluff sandwiches, Grilled Cheese, Quesadillas, french fries, and very specifically McDonald’s Cheeseburgers (and absolutely NOT cheeseburgers made at home). I eventually added in chicken tenders and nuggets.

Unintentional peer pressure in middle school got me hooked on Caesar Salad (I didn’t want to look like the only weirdo on the Girl Scout trip not eating the Caesar Salad at California Pizza Kitchen in the Pru, no way, no how). Yet, I continued my aversion to trying new foods until my early 20’s when my budget and more peer pressure, this time intention from loving new friends in college (and I say that sincerely) forced me to try new things. However, I still didn’t have bacon until I was almost…

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