About this blog and its author

Launched in 2018, Just High Lo is a community for women who love cardio, cosmetics, cannabis, and cultural commentary. Oh, and for those who are very enthusiastic about alliteration. If your goal is to break the stigma when it comes to consuming cannabis, you’ve come to the right place.

As a multi-faceted woman, I’ve always found it hard to fit into societal expectations. Shocking, right? I know I’m not alone in this. And faking it for the comfort of others was never something I was interested in (although, I did try to fake it through most of my 20’s, now that I’m a badass bitch in my 30’s… different story, now get out of the way).

I created Just High Lo to be a cozy home for the weird, the wild, the weeded out and the wonderful. For women of all varieties, except for the cis, straight, and white ones who don’t recognize their privilege (here’s the door, bye).

Most of what you’ll find here will be soft topics: hot tips for leveraging your weed habit for your workouts; favorite new skin care products; cannabis infused product reviews; an occasional sponsored post. I may delve deeper into harder topics, but since I’m not qualified to speak on some of the subjects I think are important (and no one really needs or wants another white lady chiming in), I encourage you to follow me on Twitter where I share the voices of those who are so qualified.

Who runs this blog?

I am your average, married, childless, white woman in her 30’s. One of them, “aging millennials” as they say. I like over-analyzing half-hour comedy tv shows, writing song parodies, smoking weed, and DIY. But by that I mean, waxing my own eyebrows (entire face, really), and cutting my own hair, and doing my own pedicures. It does occasionally mean building furniture (like the time I designed a chicken coop out of some old busted picnic tables), but it’s mostly beauty related.

I am also actively trying to become a better human. From top to bottom. Over the last year that has meant, getting my body right, my mind a little more clear (yes, even with cannabis), and trying to be significantly more philanthropic with mine and my husband’s income. I don’t want a cookie I just think it’s important that we all consider our impact on the world and our communities. And by saying I’m doing it, maybe it will inspire someone else to do something more, too. It’s just as easy to make a small but impactful change as it is to feel guilty about it.

So if you are still here, reading this, this blog is for people who want to be better together. Be more active. Be more loving. Be more grateful for being here. Be more giving. Let’s get started.

Do you want to smoke a bowl first, though?

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